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Customer Mode Testing

 Make sure your site functionality is tested and verified, to allow you to focus on marketing and fulfillment activities.

I continue to be surprised with store owners that are surprised to find errors or problems in their store processes on launch day.

Me: Did you test?
Them: Yes for sure!

What went wrong with the testing?

  1. Test like you are a customer - not as Admin
  2. Customer Mode


  1. Clean browser cache
  2. Test on different browsers and different devices - as much as possible
  3.  Have colleagues test  and friends 
  4. Use online tools to verify 
  5. Test mobile first

What to test?  

Customer Mode -  test buying in your store, do all links work, can I signup to the newsletter, menus working, and pages and images loading correctly, add to cart, go to checkout, buy.

This is a very simplified testing checklist below, there are more intense testing that can be performed and when problems arise error messages to uncover, and other troubleshooting procedures. Start with the simplified version first and get good at testing in customer mode!

Your Checklist:

  1.  Homepage loading correctly on all devices and browsers
  2. Newsletter signup
  3. Footer links working
  4. No overlap chat icons and other on page
  5. Products in the correct collections
  6. Product pages loading correctly and no sliding up and down to make a selection
  7. Variants matched up correctly
  8. Prices correct
  9. Add to Cart button stands out 
  10. Size charts can be found and other details
  11. Add to Cart works 
  12. Cart is correct and not too busy
  13. Checkout button clearly defined
  14. Checkout button works
  15. Checkout has no errors - shipping details, clear instructions
  16. Payment processing works perfectly
  17. Invoicing is professional and clear
  18. Chat and email, contact forms all easy to connect with for questions
  19. All things work!
  20. Making changes or returning to complete order works

BONUS: Verify all apps are working as should - if not seek help.


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