DARLEEN WITMER - Shopify Partner Expert & Klaviyo Expert

Shopify Store Review - Checklist


What items are necessary to be reviewed and checked for an e-commerce store?

The list can be extensive and time-consuming if we are going to validate everything before launching. I am going to start with the BASIC must do items and some good practices to put into place for Shopify Stores for appeal and keeping people on your store - and allow you to sell.


You want your store to have a professional appearance.
- is it correct size? Colors? Design? - does it represent your brand

Slider or Hero Image
- verify on all devices and browsers, size and displays correctly

- layout, name to fit with brand and layout

Recommended Pages complete as required
- About, FAQ, Contact, Terms, Shipping, Returns & Refunds, Privacy, Store pages

Contact Form 
- setup correctly and contact info added as well

-  different options to use depending on the niche

Images - minified, size and display
- most store images will require tweaking for minifying and size

Social Media Icons and Links
- verify present and working correctly

Pop up - offer, email collection, etc
- verify copy is correct and grabs attention
- mobile size to match google's rules for mobile popups
- tested and works correctly

Bar at top  - size on desktop and mobile
- as well as copy checked 

Frontpage details -  clear, professional 

Color Palette - consistency and professional
- match your brand and target audience appeal

Products - images, layout and copy

Checkout Process - verify on all devices and browsers
- as well as customization of checkout to match the brand
- verify payment processes and shipping
- Verify all working and easy for customer to navigate

Mobile - verify readable and displays well

Add to Cart Button - color and size and text
- depends on the niche but often requires brighter color and change to BUY NOW etc

FB Pixel - added and working

Google Analytics setup
- basic to get started
- more details  later on the how to do and verify

Invoice check - test what customer will receive and yourself for notifications

Apps - how many, delete any not in use, verify configuration and compatibility

Shipping - verify and test different scenarios



    More interesting discussions to follow on some of the items, with How To Do.   

    Thanks for reading.






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