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Not Your Grandmother's Phone App! --- OpenPhone App - Review

How many phone VoIP devices have you tried for your business phone number?

I have tried several and the issues have been multiple with the worst being that when I need it - it wasn't working, or took several hours to get working.

  • Poor reception. 
  • No toll-free number or expensive upgrade
  • device broke
  • setting up the app on mobile gave me an aneurysm
  • could not connect to cell phone devices
  • unsure of payment plans
  • wifi connection would not work anywhere but my home
  • ... and more

 OpenPhone has solved all these issues and with ease. It is installed directly on my cell phone and is with me anywhere at anytime! It simply works.








Another business wifi phone number? OpennPhone is different.

What is included?

  1. Local phone number OR Toll-Free number
  2. Unlimited talk
  3. Unlimited text

How do I use it?

Simply install the app and select your phone number and you are done.

Where can I use the app?
On your phone and also a widget on your business website
- mine is RED - look down to see the red OpenPhone widget.

With OpenPhone you separate your Business from you Personal calls and text messages. I also have been able to set unavailable time, and voicemails and set auto-replies for business rather than a mixture of personal and business.

The best thing is I know it is a Business Call if comes to OpenPhone!


This has been fantastic to find this app and use it. It worked within minutes.

I work with clients globally and yes Skype and other apps are all great but often have problems with reception or sudden disconnection and additional charges.

With OpenPhone I have been able to use the Toll-Free number and it always works! I am in Canada and have talked to clients in Australia, USA, South Africa, UK and Denmark - as well as in Canada.

The text feature is amazing as once the client has my number they can then text me and I know that it is for business. 

The widget on my website has helped gain additional clients and answer questions through the messages that are delivered to me.

Check it out!! 


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