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Are each of your Shopify Store pages doing their job?


Yes, that is correct


- each of your Shopify store pages has a specific job to do.
Your job is to make sure that each page is designed, and created to be able to perform the best job for that pages role. Ultimately providing your customers enough information, enough comfort level, and answer to their problems - to buy from you!


What are these destined jobs?

  1. Homepage
    -  to get your customer to have enough reason to click through to products
  2. Product page
    - to inform, provide solutions, to build trust, activate the buy now desire.
  3. Add to Cart/ Buy Now Button
    although part of the Product Page there should be a clear path and understanding that clicking on the button will provide the well-being and answers needed.
  4. Cart Page
    obviously should be to keep the customer happy about continuing the buying process, by making it easy, providing a clear path without worry to the checkout or cluttered with more products or details or pop-ups. etc. A clear easy path to that checkout button.
  5. Other Pages 
    - FAQ, Shipping & Returns, Refund Policy, Reviews, About Us, & Contact pages all play a part in assisting to provide the needed information and answers the customer is seeking which enforce the decision to buy.
  6. Checkout
    - This process should be as easy and quick as possible as any snags or concern with shipping rates, times, currency, price, payment types or hard to understand process may scare into abandoning the checkout.


- ensure that all answers, excitement about the product, are provided in ways to encourage the customer to buy and feel they are in a safe zone.

Do you provide a solution that the customers need to have, or provide a means of joy, or an emotional connection? Why should they buy from you? Have you displayed and described the unique selling points? Are the images making a connection?  Do your words allow the customer to know exactly what the product is and why they should buy?

Now before you throw up your hands in WTF mode - as you have wonderful images and details about the products that everyone should want to buy - this is easier than it appears.
Think of how and why you buy something? What throws you off and forces you to leave and go elsewhere or not buy a particular product?

Display the excitement or solution, then remove any objections

What are the common objections? You know most of these. As you do it he automatically when purchasing something:

  1. I don't know this place or people, maybe it isn't a good idea to buy here.

  2. The price is maybe too high or too low - I wonder if this is crap?

  3. How long will it take me to get this delivered, as I don't want to

  4. Are there extra costs for shipping? How much more?

  5. How will I know if it fits, what it really looks like, if it really is the solution?

  6. Can I ask them some questions before I buy?

How do you remove these objections and keep the customer excited?

  1. Providing answers and feeling of safety with About Us page and other.

  2. Chat, contact form, text message - ask a question we are here for you!

  3. Reviews from other customers happy and explaining product.

  4. Videos to clearly display products and the quality or how provides the solution.

  5. Detailed and clearly posted currency, payments and shipping costs.

  6. Return and Refund policy as well as size charts and specifications in clear sight.

  7. Shipping details - time, cost and what if something goes wrong explained.

You have done your job along with each of your pages and got the sale!
   Yay! Celebrate!!  

Not so fast Quick Draw!  - you still have work to do. Like Golf, you need to follow through.
What is your after sale messages, and followup with the customer? Do you ensure they had the best experience, are happy, will tell their friends, will return to buy more, will post a review? Keep the connection going - they are now your new friend and you should be checking in and providing information and making sure they don't forget you, or your wonderful products.  Continue ... and bring them back along with their friends.

Testing will allow you to find your best presentation - whether that is your images. words, products colors,  design details of your site, as an example  the  size and color of the Add to Cart button may increase sales.

Keep it simple, adjust and reach out to others for suggestions.

I am here to help.


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