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5 Quick Tasks to Kickstart Your Shopify Store in 2018

A new year is usually and hoping yours is - filled with excitement, hope, and energy for reaching new goals and finding more joy.  As a Shopify store owner, you may be challenged with where to start if your store is still in the early stages, or with looking at growth ideas.

Whichever end of the spectrum you are on or in between, there is no end to the many possibilities within eCommerce at this time. 

How about 5 quick tasks to look at for the New Year to refresh or push your site and business to even greater success in 2018?

5 Quick Shopify Store Tasks for New Year - 2018

    1. Refresh your store
      - update theme version or just update color palette, fonts 
      - verify all in topnotch order.
      - change Add to Cart button color - test out something new
      - Update your hero image for NEW and exciting year to come
      TIP: Many themes have updated versions
      NEW Colors for 2018 announced
      - with UltraViolet leading the way 
      - BOLDER and more exciting colors are back

    2. Review 2017 NUMBERS
      revenue and expenses and taxes, of course, need a thorough review
      - ensure you know exactly what money went out, where and what came in
      - assess how you can improve the numbers, workload and fill any holes
      - should you add more products? Upsells? ManyChat Messenger Bot?
      TIPS: be careful with grabbing onto the Shiny Objects that are currently making a lot of noise. Some are good but make sure that you are ready to invest and when you do try to pick one to devote your time and money.
      - Get a spreadsheet to track your 2018 numbers 2018 

    3. Store Checkup
      have an audit done or do yourself
      - verify speed and any errors, optimizations required
      - SEO tweaks
      TIP: I can help with that

    4. Connect with Your Customers
      - Email, FB Messenger, Social Media, and  text or phone
      - Try to find out what they are needing and wanting?
      - what new products, methods or improvements can you make?
      - what did you do well and should keep doing? or stop doing?
      TIP: 2018 Customer Experiences is already HOT with new ways to connect and get feedback and more. 

    5. Plan Your START
      - Yes, your Start! 
      - You do not need to have it all figured out, but enough to START.
      - Review often and keep improving - reach out when you need help to the many resources available
      TIP: Give first and you will receive more in return


   BONUS: Find one Expert to follow this year
- Group, Shopify Expert, Business Coach or mentor and build
in the time to grow and learn.





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