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Not Your Grandmother's Phone App! --- OpenPhone App - Review

Not Your Grandmother's Phone App!  --- OpenPhone App - Review

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5 Quick Tasks to Kickstart Your Shopify Store in 2018


A new year is usually and hoping yours is - filled with excitement, hope, and energy for reaching new goals and finding more joy.  As a Shopify store owner, you may be challenged with where to start if your store is still in the early stages, or with looking at growth ideas.

Whichever end of the spectrum you are on or in between, there is no end to the many possibilities within eCommerce at this time. 

How about 5 quick tasks to look at for the New Year to refresh or push your site and business to even greater success in 2018?


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Customer Mode Testing

 Make sure your site functionality is tested and verified, to allow you to focus on marketing and fulfillment activities.
Checklist is included to verify and resolve any issues. Simplify your success and eliminate panic.


Are each of your Shopify Store pages doing their job?


Yes, that is correct - each of your Shopify store pages has a specific job to do.

Your job is to make sure that each page is designed, and created to be able to perform the best job for that pages role. Ultimately providing your customers enough information, enough comfort level, and answer to their problems - to buy from you!

What are these destined jobs?

Shopify Store Review - Checklist

What items are necessary to be reviewed and checked for an e-commerce store?

The list can be extensive and time-consuming if we are going to validate everything before launching. I am going to start with the BASIC must do items and some good practices to put into place for Shopify Stores for appeal and keeping people on your store - and allow you to sell.

Let's get started!