Coffee Cup List - Top 5

Coffee Cup List – Your Top 5

Please Stay Tuned and Keep fine tune your List Next Steps: Create List of top 5 topics from your collection Put onto pieces of paper – something nice to the feel, pretty if you wish or simply strips of paper Place into your chosen CUP – making it your Coffee Cup List You will now [Read On]

Social Media Challenge - YouTube

Social Media Challenge – Create Consistent Brand

 Day 7, 8, 9 & 10   –  Create Consistent Brand Day 7  – You Tube Natalie’s post for Day 7 and YouTube [Day 7] How to Use YouTube to Create Powerful Videos That Bring You New Fans and Business Provides us with a wealth of information and very specific steps for setting up YouTube [Read On]

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Social Media Challenge – Google Plus Maybe

Google Plus Musings Day 6 – The Ten Day Social Media Challenge Google Plus was my network of choice, when it was first introduced, however I have rarely been there for several months.     Reasons I left: People in my group socially and business were/EW in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Being in too many [Read On]

Coffee Cup List

Coffee Cup List next steps.

I have not forgot about you!    I will be right back with The Coffee Cup List next steps as soon as finish this cup of coffee … Yes some of you may require an extra large for your Coffee Cup List. Dig deep, FInd what really matters to you. Not the things maybe or maybe [Read On]

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Which Social Media is best for your business?

And I have returned! We are already halfway through The Ten Day Social Media Challenge. I have had some technical issues with getting full internet access the past few days, so combining days 2 -5 in one. Bonus!       What and How of Social Media Day 2 – Which Social Media is best [Read On]

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